Yoga Therapist & Instructor

Karim is a yoga therapist and instructor, passionate about the mental-emotional benefits of foundational bodywork. She is also a journalist, translator, communicator, and a Peruvian national who has traveled extensively while living in four different countries.

Discovering yoga as a teenager opened the door to Pilates, ballet, modern dance, and a lifelong interest in the body which led to her first yoga teacher training in 2013. After relocating from Peru, Australia and the U.S.A, and ultimately arriving to her current home in Singapore, Karim completed certification and adaptably taught and practiced yoga within a range of countries and cultures.

As a mother of two, she realized the necessity of developing a sound mind and body. The skills of yoga and meditation have been instrumental in helping her raise two children and in creating a satisfying and productive life. Karim’s instruction is rooted in yoga’s ability to enlighten, enhance problem-solving, and help us cultivate better version of ourselves.


Karim is a Yoga Alliance RYT500 and a Yoga Therapist by Union Yoga Ayurveda, Singapore (a member of the School of International Association of Yoga Therapists, approved School for Yoga Therapy Continuous Education, affiliated to IIPY Swami Pramhansa Samsthana, India. The Yoga Therapy components are not derived from an RYT status with Yoga Alliance).